Sifu Zhu Qi Guo (Master Zhu)
Sifu Zhu Qi Guo (Master Zhu), owner of the School, Shaolin Kungfu Master, brave Chinese man whose heart full with faith and belief, travelled from the Northern China, where the Shaolin Temple is located, to promote and pass on the Shaolin Martial Arts & Culture to Thailand.
Master Zhu is the 34th generation of Shaolin Master from the Songsan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province of China. He has performed and taught internationally with about 10 years teaching experience. Master Zhu has a gift of teaching. He is inspired, patient, nurturing and very knowledgeable. The student is reinforced in an environment that is positive, enjoyable and simultaneously challenging.
Profile Activities
1. Teaching varieties courses including Shaolin Kungfu (traditional Wushu & Wushu), Tai Chi, Self-Defense and other related ancient Chinese martial art forms.
2. Performing Kungfu shows, Master Zhu has performed in many show performances through Television Chanel, multimedia, commercial events, and also had been an actor in Thai TV series.
3. Providing service as a choreography for those who were being to join or participate the shows, competitions, or show events.
4. Directing & giving supervisions in shooting fighting scenes as a TV series or commercial backstage.
5. Organizing a Shaolin Kungfu live show performance in many important events & festivals, such as Chinese New Year. With his wide web of Shaolin brotherhood connections, he could organize a magnificent spectacular show.
6. Coaching the school team to participate in any tournaments, competitions, or any other contests that are provided for the interested candidates, in order to improve the students’ martial arts skill to the upper level.
Visitors: 61,622