About The School of Thai-Chinese Shaolin Kungfu
The School of Thai-Chinese Shaolin Kungfu is the martial art school, located in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road, which conveniently reached by many transportations & travelling options, such as MRT& BTS. (Map)
The School provides not only martial art courses, but also the sentimental of cultural philosophy, friendships, brother-sisterhood, interaction skills, health, and personality development, which teaching by the professional Chinese Masters that had come directly from Northern China, the famous Shaolin Temple. All teachers have been chosen with experiences, ethical, and teaching skills to join the group of master trainers in the School, so the students here definitely are in good hands.
For the purpose of working out, the School also provides plenty of equipment and functional training areas that serving for the safety and meeting the specific needs including safety mattress, martial arts puzzle mats, punching bag, punching dummy, stretching-bars, spring board, many other equipment, that not only provide for safety but also entertainments.
Every twice a year, the school provides the promotion exam in order to earn a higher belt rank. This time of the year will grant the students to meet all their schoolmates, which benefit to their self-esteem, inspirations, and interactions.
Visitors: 63,421